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ALgotinks Dbz RPG




1) Weighted clothing-$125- 100pl and 120hp when training, Limit 2

2) Weighted boots/wrist bands-$60- 70pl and 75hp when training, Limit 2

3) Lv. 1 Gravitron-$150- 120pl and 130hp when training

4) Energy bands-$50- 25 stamina when training, Limit 2

5) Jump rope-$20- 10 stamina when training, Limit 5

6) Treadmill-$250- 100 stamina when training

7) Sword-$150- add 45 to your attack power

8) Wooden staff-$75- add 25 to your attack power

9) Armor-$150- add half of your hp in battle

10) Dragon radar-$120- Takes 1 day off of searching

11) Senzu beans-$50- Restores all stats back to normal

12) Capsule corp-$200- Get to any planet in one week

13) Boost-$100- Takes a day off of traveling to another planet, Limit 2

14) Sabimen-$400- Stats equals 10% of yours, knows your moves, Limit 5

15) Smoke bomb-$150- is used to run away from battle, opponent gets 10% of your stats

UPGRADE ITEMS (must have first items)

16) Capsule corp2-$600- to any planet in 3 days

17) Z sword-$150- adds 100 to your attack power

18) Iron staff-$100- adds 75 to your attack power

19) Super armor-$200- multiply your Hp by 3 in battle

20) Sayain armor-$300- Multiply your Hp by 4 in battle

21) Lv2 Gravitron-$260- 220pl and 260hp when training

22) Lv3 Gravitron-$390- 440pl and 520hp when training

23) Nuclear band-$80- 50 stamina when training, Limit 2

24) Atomic band-$100- 100 stamina when training, takes 10pl asay, Limit 2

25) Super jump rope-$40- 20 stamina when training, Limit 5

26) Super weighted clothing-$150- 150pl and 170hp when training, Limit 2

27) Ultra weighted clothing-$200- 180pl and 200hp when training, Limit 1

28) Super smoke bomb-$350 same as before but you gain 5% of opponents stats

29) Super treadmill-$500- 300 stamina when training, takes 20pl a day when used

30) Super weighted boots/wrist bands-$100- 140pl and 150hp when training

31) Super dragonball radar-$250- takes 2 day off looking for dragonballs

Mini tree of might seed- Same as the tree of might but takes half the time to grow and you get half the power

Tree of might seed- Wished only by earth dragonballs-takes 10 days to grow, you get 10 fruit that gives you 1000pl and 1000hp when you eat

Sayain space pod- any planet in one day

Lv4 Gravitron- 840pl and 1000hp when training

Lv5 Gravitron- 1240pl and 1480 hp when training

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