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ALgotinks Dbz RPG




Lv1 MOVES: 0pl-20,000pl

**Punch/Kick-10 damage, 5 stamina, speed 3

**Super charge-get 100% stamina back

**Special beam cannon-55 damage, 30 stamina, speed 3

Super Punch/Kick-15 damage, 10 stamina, speed 2

**Kamehameha-45 damage, 20 stamina, speed 3

**Destructo disk-50 damage, 20 stamina, speed 3

**Solar flare- blinds your opponent for 2 turns,, 20 stamina

Simulated moon-used to transform into a Ossura, lasts 4 turns, 20 stamina

Ossura-multiply stats by 10, halk stamina when come out

Shukanido-can teleport away from any attack, can only use 3 times a battle

PL hider-folds pl and other stats by 10, Ex: 1000pl
is now 100pl

Kiaoken-multiply stats by 2(humans only)

Kiaoken mutiples-Add one multiple every time learned

Hassuken-40 damage, 20 stamina

Ultra missle punch-50 damage, 10 stamina, speed 3

Speed up-multiplies speed by 2, 20 stamina

Jen ken punch-30 damage, 20 stamina

Palm shot-15 damage, 5 stamina

Double palm shot-30 damage, 10 stamina

Kakusandan-45 damage, 25 stamina(cant be dodged)

Racoome kick-20 damage, 5 stamina

Racoome Maha attack-25 damage, 10 stamina

Lv2 MOVES: 20,001pl-25,000pl

Galctica ring-a ring of energy that hold opponents for 2 turns

Gekitotsu buu buu-while your opponent is being held by glactica ring-85 damage, 15 stamina

Super kamehameha-must know kamehameha-70 damage, 40 stamina, speed 2

Kiao kamehameha-must know kiaoken-90 damage, 55 stamina(humans only)

Makosen-60 damage, 25 stamina

Renzokou destructo disk-65 damage, 30 stamina

Renzokou kamehameha-75 damage, 45 stamina

Burning attack-70 damage, 35 stamina, speed 2

Kikoho-90 damage, 40 stamina, speed 3

Regeneration-restores half of hp, can only use 3 times a battle, 150 stamina(Nameks only)

Renzokou energy dan-60 damage, 30 stamina

Chobakuretsumaha-75 damage, 40 stamina, speed 2

Dodonpa-65 damage, 30 stamina, speed 2

Crusher ball-65 damage, 55 stamina

Time freeze-gives another attack a turn, can only use twice a battle, 100 stamina

Genocide attack-60 damage, 25 stamina, speed 3

Red destructo disk-70 damage, 35 stamina,speed 2

Honoo-75 damage, 30 stamina, speed 3

Eraser cannon-80 damage, 40 stamina, speed 2

Lv3 MOVES: 25,001pl-30,000pl

Spirit bomb-125 damage, 65 stamina, speed 2(humans only)

Final flash-115 damage, 60 stamina, speed 2

Galic gun-120 damage, 60 stamina(Sayains only)

Big bang attack-115 damage, 55 stamina

Dragon fist-100 damage, 50 stamina(cant be dodged)

Death ball-110 damage, 55 stamina, speed 2(changlings only)

Hell's flash-120 damage, 70 stamina